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Teacher of Traditional Ho'oponopono

Terenia Kaczura

Terenia Kaczura practice & teaches traditional Hawaiian Ho'oponopono over 20 years.

She is studying Polynesian culture as well as other shamanic cultures for over 30 years. She is leading Cross-Culture Research Center, working on creation of a new education, that connect old shamanic traditions and modern science discoveries. Years of intense and demanding training resulted in blessings given by Hawaiian Kahunas to use and teach Hawaiian shamanic traditions.

She got blessing in Hawaiian healing traditions of old Ho'oponopono by Kahuna Ho'oponopono, Auntie Mona Kahele. Auntie Mona was one of few healers, who continued ancient traditions of healing. Her work was based on Aloha, Ohana and Pono rules. Auntie's Mona practice was a result of hundrets of years of traditional practice. On the end of her life she passed her work to Terenia with the idea to led more people learn and understand ancient Hawaiian traditions. Traditional Ho'oponopono helps to heal the consequences of trauma experience, to solve toxic bonds and heal toxic family traditions; it brings peace into families and individual life.

With support of Hawaiian Kahunas, Kumu, Kupuna Terenia is fulfiling given blessing by using Hawaiian widsom for helping people in many counties in the world.

She says to her students : careful to use your Power, enjoy to follow your Heart...

Besides the passion and love of Hawaiian culture, she teaches trainings in organisations, international companies for managers in the area of relationship health and success. As long term project she cooperates in international environment in creating new education for the world in the area of relationships..


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