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Traditional Ho'oponopono

Healing Relationships with Ancestors

Uhane in Hawaiian traditions is the Spirit. There are many differenct categories of spirits. Some of them are close related to us, some as unknown by our human conciousness.

During the journey though Healing relationship with Spirits we make peace with people who died. They often stays within us, and may disturb our life. As long as we don't understand their influence on our life, we may experience fear, anger and many other strong, difficult emotions, lack of sleep, bad dreams and more negative symptoms.

Ho'oponopono Training VII - Healing Relationship with Spirits training include:

1. Making Living free from Spirit of Dead
2. Helping Spirits on their paths
3. Understand the concequences of being connected with a Spirit of Dead
4. Learn to recognize the conncetion with a Spirit of Dead person other Spirits
5. Prevent to keep unwanted connection for the future generations
6. Rebuild supportive connections with Ancestors

Seminar "Ho'oponopono - Healing Relationship with Spirits", author Terenia Kaczura, copyrights 2016
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