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Hawaiian Healing of Relationships

We would like to present in this sections articles, which may introduce to you the old Hawaiian Ho'oponopono knowledge. We are aware, that the real experience come though parctice not theory, from other site the written stories may inspire you a good way. We wish to share all the knowledge and experiences with wide public, believing that it can help us to become more happy in life together...

"Kala in Ho'oponopono Healing"
Article about the general approach to healing relationship on old Hawaii. The approach was very different to what we find in modern world. The Hawaiian approach is deep and wide and not concentrated on what is visible but what is real.. T.Pomaikai Mocna.

"Ho'oponopono Healing - Rules on Old Hawaii"
Article part 2. about rules which have been respected on old Hawaii.

"Kahunas on Old Hawaii - part 1"
Article about Hawaiian shamans, who were skillful in using methods for healing relationships in Ohanas. Article is a general introdution to the topic.

"Kahunas on Old Hawaii - part 2"
Article continue the topic: "who are Kahunas" and present the examples of Kahunas of old Hawaii.

For using any materials please contact us for written permission - we want to share the knowlegde and experiences with you, just want to know, how and where you would like to use it!
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